Wednesday, 16th September at 8 pm
Members’ and Guests’ Quarterly Picture Sharing
We have decided to make a change and for the first time invite guests as well as members to send 5-10 photos that they have taken to a dropbox, details of which will be confirmed nearer the time. They can be images you are proud of, a project you a working on, a trip you have taken recently or just something you would like to share or on which you would like advice but in any case you should comment on.
We will be sending participants the Zoom meeting link on the day of the meeting.  
If you are not a Society Member and would like to participate, please sign up and pay the Guest Fee of £2.50 at either: – here:
Or here:
Or, if you are unable to access Meetup or Eventbrite, email for details for making a bank transfer.
In August, we had as many guests as members at professional photographer Stewart Wall MA, ARPS’s very informative Masters of Street Photography on-line talk. Stewart described the thoughts and techniques in addition to showing images of photographers including Magnum Photographers: Ian Berry, David Hurn and Martin Parr. We received tips e.g. do not be obvious so do not use a big camera or viewfinder (calculate focal distance in advance) and create a story; also, “The camera is a passport into the lives of strangers” was one phrase we heard. Stewart also recommended a Bill Jay film on YouTube: Stewart encouraged participants to talk and ask questions and so we ended with a very lively session.
Wednesday, 21st October at 8pm

Fred Barrington ARPS AFIAP – Architecture, People, Patterns

Fred is a very keen photographer and an active member of Beckenham and Malden Camera Clubs and the RPS, where he takes part in many London Region activities and exhibits regularly both with the London Region and the Visual Art Group. 

In his online presentation, he will show a selection of his images mostly from the UK, but London in particular, covering Architecture, People, Patterns and some Nature.

You can see more of Fred’s work on Flickr, on his website and on Instagram.
Wednesday, 18th November at 8pm
Chris Hutchinson – ‘Landscape with Figures’ – Warning:  The talk contains nudity!

In about 2000 Chris decided he needed a photographic project.  He thought he’d try to capture the human body in new ways – after all, he thought, the human form is one of the commonest things around – everybody’s got one!
The project turned out to be more difficult than he anticipated.  As he found out, people have been photographing the human body ever since photography was invented nearly 200 years ago.  Coming across the work of the American optical surgeon Howard Schatz (see, he decided to try to build on this work by photographing the body underwater.
This talk is about this project, what led to it, how it worked out and what came afterwards.  Some pictures have been published, sold and exhibited.  Some contain nudity.
Wednesday, 16th December at 8pm
Christmas Competition and Social Event
If the Covid-19 restrictions continue, the “Social” may be a challenge without being able to meet in the pub!  We will still run the members’ annual digital competition via Zoom. The theme will be Contrast and members should submit up to six images each, taken in 2020.
Membership subscriptions for 2020-21 were due on 1st July for the year to 31st March 2021 and are reduced to £25 due to Covid-19 – the first quarter having been free to existing Members. If you need further information please email
A reminder that we would like members to update their galleries by sending us up 10 of their best, preferably recent, images.  Images should illustrate their work but not be the same as those exhibited in 2020 as these are shown separately under Exhibitions.
You may be interested in talks from the RPS, open to RPS Members and Non-members, and many are free. Here’s thelink Scroll down to ‘Talks and films’ to see what’s on offer.

Also, for events being run by other SPA clubs, see the SPA Facebook page here

If you have not already done so, it’s well worth subscribing to PAGB e-new sat

Lastly, I was recently told about the ‘Seek’ App and am using it frequently to identify insects, plants, etc. I thoroughly recommend it.
All the best,
Committee member