Wednesday, 21st October at 8 pm
Fred Barrington ARPS AFIAP

“An Opportunistic Snapper in the UK”

Fred is a very keen photographer and an active member of Beckenham and Malden Camera Clubs and the RPS, where he takes part in many London Region activities and exhibits regularly both with the London Region and the Visual Art Group. 
In his online presentation, he will show a selection of his images mostly from the UK, but London in particular, covering Architecture, People, Patterns, and some Nature.

You can see more of Fred’s work on Flickr, on his website and on Instagram.
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We welcome both Members and Non-members to join us for this talk.  If you are not a Society Member but would like to participate, please sign up  on or – the links are: here
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We charge a small Guest Fee of £2.50.
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Members’ and Guests’ Quarterly Picture Sharing

Last month we showed photographs from club members as well as guests. These are always great evenings with a wide and diverse variety of pictures. Many of the images were taken during this lockdown and acted as a kind of a reminder of what we are all living through at the moment. It was great that members were able to comment on what they saw and photographers could get encouragement and new ideas to try out. 
Wednesday, 18th November at 8pm
Chris Hutchinson – ‘Landscape with Figures’ – Warning: The talk contains nudity!

 In about 2000 Chris decided he needed a photographic project.  He thought he would try to capture the human body in new ways – after all, he thought, the human form is one of the commonest things around – everybody has got one! 

The project turned out to be more difficult than he anticipated.  As he found out, people have been photographing the human body ever since photography was invented nearly 200 years ago.  Coming across the work of the American optical surgeon Howard Schatz (see, he decided to try to build on this work by photographing the body underwater. 

This talk is about this project, what led to it, how it worked out and what came afterwards.  Some pictures have been published, sold and exhibited.  Some contain nudity.
Wednesday, 16th December at 8pm
Christmas Competition and Social Event

If the Covid-19 restrictions continue, the “Social” may be a challenge without being able to meet in the pub!  We will still run the members’ annual digital competition via Zoom. 
The theme this year is Contrast or Contrasts and members are invited to submit up to three digital images each, preferably taken in 2020.  For more details, see the website here.  In summary the critical point is that your entries must be “on subject” by showing Contrast or Contrasts – for example contrasting colours, textures, young and old, large and small, new or antique, an old building beside a new one – many options. Entrants are constrained only by their imaginations, so we are looking forward to a fun and interesting competition.
Our judge this year will be Gerald Kitiyakara LRPS, President of Carshalton Camera Club.  


Membership subscriptions for 2020-21 were due on 1st July for the year to 31st March 2021 and are reduced to £25 due to Covid-19 – the first quarter having been free to existing Members. If you need further information please email

A reminder that we would like members to update their galleries by sending us up 10 of their best, preferably recent, images.  Images should illustrate their work but not be the same as those exhibited in 2020 as these are shown separately under Exhibitions.


As all of us battle through this pandemic and try to keep our spirits up with so much bad news on a daily basis, I know that many members are reluctant to go out beyond some basic shopping. If at home I recommend Sir David Attenborough’s new book “ A Life on Our Planet” This is his legacy to our world and is truly inspiring.


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Penny recommends the  ‘Seek’ App. It can be used to identify insects, plants, etc. 
Hope to see all of you online at our next meeting
Until then
Stay safe, healthy, and happy

All the best,

Rick, Committee member