Wednesday, 16th October – Members’ Images
upstairs at The Bell Inn Hampton:

Members are invited to bring along up to six (maximum) images to “show and tell”. The images should either tell a story or be some you are very proud of or are looking for comment or advice on.

The upstairs function room is just inside the front entrance and to the right. There is a car park to the rear and local on-street parking if it is full. 

Last Month
Simon Van-Orden: From Polar Bears to Penguins; & Northern Lights.
This was a great presentation. The first half was on the Polar Regions – Bears and Penguins: Beautiful images. It was like a master class on how to take these kind of photos.

The second half he once again showed some beautiful images of the Northern Lights and talked about all aspects from where to go to camera settings for these kind of pictures. I would love for him to come back in the future for more talks.

Future Meetings
Wednesday, 20th November: Mike Farley,‘Post-Processing considerations including hardware and workflow.’
Mike Farley’s photography covers a wide range of subjects, everything from flowers, landscape, street scenes, infrared and more. Some stunning images on his website should be an interesting and informative talk.

This talk is going to be a technical talk, so we may not see any pretty photographs this month!
I thought even as we probably all have our own workflow preferences, Mike might offer some good tips and advice to make the process quicker and easier. This would be a good meeting to bring along notepads and pens.

December 18th: Christmas social and digital photo competition:
The competition theme is “Inspired by a Book Title”, i.e. the image title is the book title. Each member can submit up to three digital images which have to have been taken during 2019 but must be of different books though sequels will be allowed, i.e. not different images of the same book. As usual, an outside judge will be invited to make comments on them. He will then select the three he thinks best but leave it to our members to vote for their favourite.

January: TBA

February: Members’ Annual Print Exhibition at Teddington Library

February: We are trying to arrange a speaker who specialises in making light trails – this would be outdoors near the Bell.

March: This will be our Annual General Meeting (AGM).  We are looking for new members of the Committee. This is a serious request as a couple of Committee Members are wishing to leave the Committee!

HHPS Website:
We are continuing to update the website and any comments or suggestions from members on the content or look of the website would still be very welcome. For e-mail addresses of our committee members, click on the Contact tab.

Can’t wait to see your pictures,