Wednesday 15TH MAY
Close-up & Macro Photography with Derek Gale
Derek Gale has been a photographer for many years, enjoying both the film and digital eras.  Tonight he will bring us one of his latest talks:  Close-up & Macro Photography.
Derek writes:
“I love looking for the less obvious and using techniques such as camera movement and “bokeh” to produce abstract images. I also love helping people learn new techniques and talking about my work to clubs and societies.
Derek’s macro talk covers the equipment required, techniques, issues that arise – and how to solve them, and lighting for macro.
From comments on Derek’s website this talk has been very well received by other Clubs and I am sure it will be very enjoyable and also a great learning experience.
The meeting will be in the Bell Inn at 8.00pm as usual, where Derek will be joining us via ZOOM.
Members do not need to Register.
Non-members please sign up on Eventbrite here: or just show up on the night! The visitor fee for attending this meeting is just £5 but if you decide to join the Club, this fee will be refunded!

Paul Prosser APAGB kindly agreed to help us with the selection of images for HHPS’s submission.  An experienced judge and exhibition selector, Paul works extensively with CACC (Chilterns Association of Camera Clubs), where he was formerley Chairperson and is still on the Committee.  With no knowledge of us or our work and no conflict of interest, Paul was able to bring “fresh eyes” to our work and we really appreciated his time and trouble.

FUTURE MEETINGS (All on the website! )
June 19th.  WILD LONDON.  DiscoverrLondon’s Hidden Parks, Gardens and Wild Nature with local photographer and publisher, Andrew Wilson.   Andrew will join the meeting at the Bell Inn in person.

July 17th.  MEMBERS’ PICTURE SHARING – All members invited to take part and bring along five images to share.

As requested at the AGM, we have set aside four dates for Summer Walks with a tentative plan as follows:

  • Summer Photo Walk #1 – Sat June 22:Richmond Riverside
  • Summer Photo Walk # 2 – Sat July 20: Brentford
  • Summer Photo Walk # 3 – Sat October 5☹ Autumn Colours in Richmond Park
  • We are also planning a Summer Special, which will be Kingston Carnival in early September – date to be confirmed.

The SPA Exhibition is over for this year – again, congratulations to Rosie whose selected print was on display at the Guildford House Gallery, 155 High Street, Guildford GU1 3AJ during the last two weeks of April, and Penny, whose selected images was on the rolling digital display for the month.

The SPA Inter-club PDI Championship was held on Saturday 11th May.  Unfortunately, I was unable to attend due to a previous commitment and as I write this I do not have the results, but you will be updated at Wednesday’s meeting.

Our own Exhibition too is over for another year:  the winning images were taken down last week and will be available for collection at the May meeting.  The Teddington and Hampton Libraries have invited us back for the same weeks next year, so we hope you are thinking about your submission!

It has been suggested that following the talk by Drek Gale the theme for this year’s competion could be “Close-up / Macro Photography”.  If you have any thoughts, please raise them at Wednesday’s meeting and we can discuss and potentially agree a theme for Christmas.

We look forward to seeing you many of you on Wednesday evening in The Bell.   Any questions please contact me.

Best regards, David

David Hicks
Chairman, Hampton Hill Photographic Society