Wednesday, 15th July at 8pm.
David Keep ARPS, DPAGB, FBPE, EFIAP presentation of images: Underwater Photography 1
David is a multi-award-winning photographer and a lecturer who is based in Chesterfield. His images are truly incredible, and this promises to be a fantastic presentation. He says: “I’m passionate about all forms of photography & confess to spending far too much time doing it!
However, I would describe myself as an image maker not a photographer, as I enjoy the post-processing just as much as taking the photo. My favourite genre is underwater photography because it combines the two greatest passions in my life – photography & diving.”
Due to the distance and expense, we would not normally be able to afford such a high-profile speaker but Zoom now allows us to have him for the evening!
We will be sending Members the Zoom meeting link on the day of the meeting.  If you are not a Society Member and you would like to come along to the online meeting, please sign up and pay the Guest Fee of £2.50 at here:
Due to the Coronavirus restrictions, we postponed our March and April meetings (to June and November).  Since our successful online meeting in May, we are now holding all our Meetings via Zoom.  We will not be meeting at The Bell Inn for some months.  Please keep an eye out for updates on our website.
Last month 17th June – AGM and Picture Sharing
We held our Covid-19 postponed AGM and key points are:-
New Committee:-
David Hicks – Chairman
Paul Ryan – Treasurer
Judy Hicks – Secretary
Rick Goldstein – Publicity and SPA liaison
Penny Westmoreland – without portfolio
Rosie Littlemore resigned as Programme Secretary due to pressures of work and was thanked by the meeting for her efforts.  As there was no volunteer to take over the role, the Committee will share out the task with Judy taking the lead.
The Meeting agreed Membership fee of £25 for 2020-21 (1st July to 31st March) due to the effect of Covid-19.  Also Guest fees of £2.50 for online meetings and £5.00 (unchanged) when we get back to meeting at the Bell.
After the AGM, we shared Members’ pictures with five images from each of eight Members – making an enjoyable end to the evening!

Wednesday, 19th August at 8:00 PM
Masters of Street Photography

An Online presentation by Professional Photographer Stuart Wall MA, ARPS.
Looking at and reviewing the work of others can help us develop our own work and, in this talk, you will be introduced to a series of masterful photographers including Magnum Photographer Ian Berry, David Hurn and Martin Parr.
Just ten days before the London Street Photography Festival (Online 28-30 August 2020 – link here), the timing of this talk is very opportune.  To read more about Stewart, follow the link to his website here
We will be sending Members the Zoom meeting link on the day of the meeting.  If you are not a Society Member and you would like to come along to the online meeting, please sign up and pay the Guest Fee of £2.50 at here:
Wednesday, 16th September at 8:00 PM
Members’ Quarterly Picture Sharing: Details will be confirmed nearer the date, but we will be asking for six images from each Member to be sent to a dropbox.
Wednesday 21st October at 8pm
An online speaker presentation is being arranged – details to follow.
Wednesday 18th November at 8pm
Chris Hutchinson – ‘Landscape with Figures’
Details to follow, but now on the website here:

Wednesday 16th December at 8pm
This is usually our Annual Christmas Competition and Social Event.  If the Covid-19 restrictions continue, the “Social” may be a challenge without being able to meet in the pub!  We will still run the competition via Zoom
Membership subscriptions for 2020-21 were due on 1st July for the year to 31st March 2021 and are reduced to £25 due to Covid-19 – the first quarter having been free to existing Members.
Members should have received  an e-mail telling them how to renew.  If you need further information please email me at
I hope you will all renew to keep our small but talented and enthusiastic club going.
We are updating our website and we would like each Member to refresh their galleries by sending us up 10 of their best, preferably recent, images.  Images should illustrate their work but not be the same as those exhibited in 2020 as these will be shown separately under Exhibitions.
Over the past three months, many Clubs and Associations, including ourselves and our neighbours RTPS of course, have moved online and some of the larger ones are offering great talks and workshops which, if not free, are at very low cost. This gives us all a great opportunity to ‘attend’ events which we would not have been able to do before!
We would have to write a book to bring them all to you, from the Nikon School free sessions (details here – other manufacturers are available!) to Photo London (now in October, details here ).  
As well as these and the many others available, you may be interested in talks from the RPS, open to RPS Members and Non-members, and many are free. Here’s the link  (Scroll down to ‘Talks and films’) to see what’s on offer).  They also have a Membership offer running – link here
How about booking a date with artist Rex Parker on July 21st, when the work of Alvin Langdon Coburn, Edward Weston & Ansel Adams will be discussed – here’s the link
And finally, there are also events being run by other SPA clubs – see the SPA Facebook page here
We look forward to seeing many of you online next Wednesday 15th.
Keep well & stay safe
Paul Ryan – Treasurer