Photographer of the Month: David Hicks

How did I get into photography?

My first memories are taking photographs with a Kodak Brownie 44A camera which I was given as a present when I was about eight years old – my first “project” was photographing my Aunt’s wedding.  I didn’t take many photographs as getting them developed and printed at the chemists was expensive!   My next memory is a school holiday trip to Vienna where I was allowed to take my Dad’s folding camera – much more challenging to use!   Several of my friends at University were keen photographers and I purchased a Zenit E (with 58mm f2 lens and manual metering) – and that started my long association with Kodachrome.

Working in the Middle East, I soon upgraded to a Pentax ES II – it had automatic exposure – and my first telephoto zoom.  I used them extensively on our holidays in Asia, the Middle East and southern Europe – which set my photographic genre.  Over the last decade, I’ve moved into digital with a Nikon D300s, followed by a D500 before now upgrading to a Z6 II – with its very quiet shutter!

I am a documentary and travel photographer.  I enjoy recording what I see, and I believe luck (and planning) gives me the opportunity to position myself to take great images.  A flash photography workshop with Joe McNally has inspired me to move towards setups for my images – but that is a future project.

I have twice given up still photography to record moving images: in the Middle East using Super-8 and about 20 years ago using digital.  Both divergences only lasted a few years before I returned to the simpler stills!

I am very keen for other people to enjoy their photography and this has resulted in being Chairman of HHPS and London Regional Organiser for the Royal Photographic Society.  I aim to provide a supportive environment where photographers can expand and enhance their skills and knowledge to increase their enjoyment of photography.

I’ve exhibited every year in HHPS Exhibitions over the past two decades and I exhibit frequently in RPS London Region Exhibitions.  I mainly make images for my own pleasure and memories!