Photographer of the Month: Gokhan Darcan

How did I get into photography?

I have always been interested in technological tools and equipment since my childhood. When I was 7-8 years old, I had the chance to examine professional video cameras and use them for a short time.

I could not remember now, I had a few simple cameras that I had, but I think one of the ones that remained in my mind was one of Agfa’s cameras with metal design.

However, when I started my business life, the camera I bought by giving myself a reward and spending it out of my first pocket was the analog Canon EOS 500. It was actually a nice entry-level SLR machine for its time.

After enjoying it for a while, I followed the development of digital cameras from day one because of my interest in technology. The first attempt to digital photography was with point-shoot cameras. Then, after reaching a development level, I entered the Nikon DSLR world. I think I’ve been using a 4th or 5th Nikon DSLR so far, my goal is to switch to a mirrorless DSLR, let’s see.

I am interested in all kinds of photography, I have not determined a specific style. However, I can say that the predominant subjects are tourism, space, landscape and nature photography.

In the period of transition to both analog and digital, I am trying to keep up with the times by touching both technologies. At the same time, I try to post on Instagram for a long time.

I am sharing some of my photos here, I hope we can meet in more detailed conversations at Hampton Hill Photographic Society or at its events.

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