Next Meeting
Wednesday 20th March
AGM and Members’ Pictures

I expect you have all been looking forward to the AGM to find out how well the Society has been doing this year. Well the time has finally come. This year we are looking for members who are willing to help the Society by joining the Committee. I have been on the Committee for a  long time and I am hoping to take a break. If any member would like to consider taking on the role of Treasurer we would like to hear from. You will be given plenty of help and guidance before taking on the full responsibilities of the job so you will not be thrown in at the deep end.

We will try to get the AGM business over quickly so we can have a look at some pictures. We would like to review some of the exhibition pictures with the photographers giving some details about the images and why they took them etc. Also members are invited to bring a few images on a USB stick to show and talk about.

Last Month
John Phillips – Backwards and Forwards

John divided his talk in to three sections, perspective, street and composites. The definitions were fairly loose so we saw a variety of styles and subjects. This was John’s first full length talk and I suspect it won’t be his last. I was impressed to see the number of awards he had won for his images including some gold medals and I was fascinated by his skill in taking a studio shot with a plain background and superimposing it onto another picture to make it look like an original location shot.

Future Meetings
Wednesday 17th Apri
This meeting is to select our entries as a club into the SPA Interclub PDI competition. So we would like you to bring along five or six of your best images and we as a group will vote to select the 16 images as our entry into the “Open” Competition.

For the first time, time are thinking of also entering the “Nature” Competition. This is only 8 images, but they have to meet a strict criteria – so we will discuss at the March meeting.

Wednesday 15th May
John Sheaf, local historian, “Hampton in Old Photos” 1850s-1930s

We were very pleased with the visitors response to our exhibition in Teddington Library. The peoples choice winning pictures are:-

1st – Rick Goldstein – With every breath you take
2nd – Gökhan Darcan – Craftsman
3rd – Gökhan Darcan – Supermoon crossing

Well done the winners and thanks to all the members who made it such a great exhibition.