Photographer of the Month: Rick Goldstein

It all started when I was born in St. Louis Missouri and grew up in Kansas City. I had a few loves in life, music and photography being the two main ones.

I remember taking pictures as a kid with a small Kodak that you would fit small square flashbulbs on top of the camera, they would turn around as they fired. I always loved the smell of those burning plastic bulbs. I took pictures of almost anything, from family, to ducks on a lake somewhere. I was always excited to get the pictures back. I had no formal training and this was all pretty much a hobby.

My main love at the time was music. I moved to London around 1971 and worked and played in various bands but always carried a camera with me. Looking back I think this was a way to remember places and experiences that I encountered.

From 1978 to 2000 I spent most of my time on tour with various bands traveling most of the world numerous times. During this time I became much more serious and interested in photography as I self-rated myself the King of out of focus pictures!

After 2000 I took a job working for a company as a photography assistant to different photographers mainly specialising in sporting events. During this time I picked up enough knowledge to eventually work taking pictures for sporting events, weddings, etc. on my own. I was lucky enough to have training from the last of the film camera-dark room days into what has become the new digital age of cameras and computer-based Photoshop software skills for images.

I joined the Hampton Hill Photographic Society approximately 15 years ago where I have continued to plagiarize (I mean to gain knowledge) from wonderful guest speakers and other members.

I consider myself to be what I call a life photographer, as my pictures are of a very eclectic style that can cover everything from landscape, portraits, still life, wildlife – pretty much everything and anything that moves – or doesn’t!

I’m based in Teddington where I live happily on a diet of late nights and Reese’s Peanut butter cups.