Lighting with Flash both in the Studio and outside

Our planned live Studio Session has been replaced by an Online talk from professional photographer Stewart Wall MA ARPS. Some of you will remember Stewart from the excellent presentation “Masters in Street Photography”, which he gave to the Society in August ’20.
In this forthcoming presentation, Stewart will focus on how he has used flash throughout his career, both as a press photographer and in the studio.  Stewart says:  “As digital cameras allowed us to increase ISO without causing too much noise (digital grain) it is easy to forget about flash equipment in poor lighting scenarios. But what flash does, allows us to put light into a scene when light is not there”.  Great for those indoor family portraits and backlit subjects!

About Stewart:  a Press Photographer for many years, Stewart now works as a Photography, Design and Computer Skills Teacher/Lecturer specialising in Documentary Photography.  The picture used to illustrate this talk is taken from the Royal Photographic Society Journal Article, published in 2014.  He is a member of the Royal Photographic Society (RPS) Distinctions Panel and Regional Organiser for the RPS East Midlands Region.  Here is his website:

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Jan 20 2021


8:00 pm - 10:00 pm


Video Conference